Our Mission and Vision

Together we provide a safe, clean and reliable flying experience.


Safety is first for a reason – this is paramount to our success. We have a perfect passenger safety record, and this is critical in our industry. We rely on our employees each and every day to ensure the safety of one another and our passengers.


It is important we put a professional product out there. We know what it’s like to get on a plane that isn’t clean, and we want our guests to feel good about the seat they sit in. However, this is about more than just our passengers’ experience – this also is about the cockpits, crew rooms, office environments and other locations our employees experience, too.


This is a non-negotiable. We have to get this right to stay competitive.


To explore the experience we want to create, we have to look at the things that can disrupt the flying experience – delays, crews in the wrong place, poor communication, maintenance delays, etc. These circumstances can ruin guests’ and employees’ experiences. Ultimately, we work hard each day to help move our guests to see their family, get to a meeting or start a vacation. This experience speaks to all of us working together to make it happen for our guests.